CH3 Simplex Stations

"OHCG" CH3 Simplex Station Information 


CH3 Simplex Stations - ARE NOT TO REPLACE “911” SERVICES


If you are interested in becoming an area CH3 Simplex Station, please email us at:

ALL "OHCG" CH3 Simplex Station's are setup using AmRRON's CH3 PROJECT Protocol as guidance. You can find out more by gong to:

"OHCG" CH3 Simplex Stations monitor the following frequencies - 

147.320 MHz - Tunk Repeater

146.420 MHz - 2m Simplex

462.6125 MHz - GMRS

26.985 MHz - “CB” Radio

And has back-ups in place “IF” the Tunk Repeater (147.320MHz) was to go down; to have a way to be able to pass any traffic if and when needed via The Winlink email System.

ANY "OHCG" CH3 Simplex Stations can be activated during the time of an area emergency, with other stations on stand by monitoring the situation and ready to help pass traffic when and "IF" needed.

At the top of the following hours, People should be tuned to: 146.420 (2m Simplex)

(BE ON FREQUENCY - 5mins before)

900hrs - 9am

1200hrs - 12pm

1500hrs - 3pm

1800hrs - 6pm

For any new Information

*Information and or Emergency Traffic Resources

*County ARES / RACES



*County Sheriff Dept.'s and or WSP

*County Emergency Management

*State Emergency Management

*NWS Spokane 

*The Northwest Interagency Coordination Center (NWCC) 

(ALL traffic will go through NCS before being passed)

List of current "OHCG" CH3 Simplex Stations - as of 1/1/2023

* CH3 - Tonasket

Stations under construction 

*CH3 - Aeneas Valley

*CH3 - Wenatchee

Other Areas In Need of a CH3 Station




*The Brewster, Bridgeport or Pateros Area 

*Western Okanogan County / Methow Valley


ALL CH3 Simplex Stations are set-up and operated by area ham radio volunteers