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"CW" Nets

The NAQCC Pacific Northwest QRS 80 Meter Net


Thursday evenings 7:00 PM PDT, which is Friday 0200 UTC on 3556.5 kHz.

Main NCS - Stewart KE7LKW (Washington State)

The WEST Coast Slow Speed Net

Net Time:7 P.M. PT , EVERY DAY!!! 

(7 days a week)

The North American QRP CW Club

Walk For The Bacon (40 Meter Edition) AKA PigWalk40 CW Contest

This Is a 2 Hour (Total Time)  S L O W  CW Only Contest For 40 Meters Only

Part 1 Operating Window Starts Every First Wednesday Night Of Every Month

(8-9 PM EDT) = (7-8 PM EST) = (0000Z - 0100Z)

Suggested Frequencies from 7050 to 7065 with 7060 the hot spot

Part 2 Operating Window Starts The Very Next Night

(10-11 PM EDT) = (9-10 PM EST) = (0200Z - 0300Z)

Suggested Frequencies from 7110 to 7125 with 7123 the hot spot


Washington State Emergency Net

Local Nets: