Okanogan County

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The Okanogan Highlands Communications Group Area Testing Over 6m

Exercise Agenda

Saturday Sep. 2nd

6m - JS8CALL

KM7CRD will be sending out a Heartbeat (HB) every 5 mins over JS8CALL - 6m @ 50.320. My station will be set-up and running from: 900 hrs to 2100 hrs on Saturday Sep. 2nd.

PLEASE make sure to add to your JS8CALL “Callsign Groups” (that can be found in your settings) the following: @OHCG

You may not be able to see my “HB” signal IF you do not add in: @OHCG to your “Callsign groups”

Here’s what you should see “IF” you pick-up my “HB” from your end:


“IF” you pick-up my signal report you can then click on my info. and we can exchange station reports. I will have my: “Enable auto reply and Confirmation” (AUTO+CONF) turned on and running.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me…

I will be monitoring 3 Telegram Chat during this exercise for any questions that may come up. 

Have fun with this exercise and let's see how many contacts we can make over 6m using JS8CALL.

Thanks and 73’s…